All of our gospel conversations start in our: 

"Gospel Conversation Labs"  

It is here that we train student leaders on the difference between a regular conversation and a gospel conversation.

Between preaching the gospel at someone, and having a gospel conversation with someone. 

STEP 1:  in our lab learn the S.A.L.T Method

S - Start a conversation 

A - Ask Questions 

L - Listen INTENTLY 

T - Talk to them about the gospel


STEP 2:  the most difficult part of sharing the gospel is knowing what to say?


How do you talk about the gospel in a way that is not pushy, but clear and compelling? 


We teach our students to share the gospel by using Our Gospel Conversation outline.    

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seeds of Revival have been sown:

so many students would come to Christ if they just heard the gospel.  More than half of them haven't heard it, yet.


partner with us to sow the seeds of the next great revival!