You can change the stats, Sow seeds of revival in the hearts of 2000 future leaders, and make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of students this year!




Monthly Partners launch gospel moonshots.  Their monthly partnership will make it possible for us to sit down with 2000 students at NC State University, Meredith College, and Wake Tech and start to expand to St. Aug, Shaw, and Peace University (aka all the campuses in Raleigh). Without partners how could we have enough time to preach.  Unless we tell these students the gospel most of these students will likely never hear it. (Roms. 10:15)


If you'de like know more about what God is doing through gospel moonshots in Raleigh feel free to contact me below.

Launch a gospel moonshot by becoming a Monthly Partner

$100 a month allows us to get back right before schools starts.  

$200 a month allows us to get back on campus by the end of July and gives us enough time to develop much needed discipleship material for new Christians.

$300 a month would accelerate our gospel moonshot.  This would be huge!  This would give us enough time this summer to develop much much needed evangelistic follow up tools for the hundreds non-Christians that will hear the gospel this fall.