Why we are here

Melissa and I are missionaries sent by our monthly partners and Every Nation Campus to bring the gospel to the majority of college students who have never heard it.  


We grew up on the Outer Banks.  We both became Christians in college, worked at ECU as college missionaries for seven years, and in 2013 felt called to bring the gospel to unreached college students at NC State University.   By God's grace, in 2017, we will start doing gospel conversations at Meredith University and William Peace University!

family life

 We have three amazing boys and one sweet princess: Liam, Keller, Lennon and Evelynn.  Melissa and I spend most of our time playing trains, laughing together, and telling college students about the amazingly good news of Christ’s boundless love for them.




Omara and Bianca writing down all the names of the students they did gospel conversations with on our Big (Moonshot) Shot Day.  A Big Shot Day = a single day were we both train and send leaders to talk to do 100 gospel conversations.  We meet back up afterwards to pray for the students we talked to.

Tyler (Recent ENGINEER Grad) 


Tyler, who led 8 students to Christ in the Spring, is telling Jeff about the unsearchable riches of what Christ has done for him on the cross!

CarolinA (CommunicationS), Morgan (Biology), and Amy (Education)


After a night of gospel conversations in Talley, Carolina, Morgan, and Amy are ready for ice cream!