MOre than half of college students have never heard the gospel.


The reason students are not coming to faith in Christ is not because our techniques are outdated but because they have never heard.  


this generation desperately needs to hear the gospel.  

this generation desperately needs a gospel moonshot.


A Gospel Moonshot is...

a commitment by a campus ministry to, over a short period of time, do as many gospel conversations as possible.


A Gospel Conversation is... 

a conversation that is started with a friend or a stranger that eventually gets to the gospel.  If you do not get to the gospel it is not a gospel conversation.


So, WHAT happened at NC State University this semester?  


17 Students prayed to become Christians!

Yes, even this crazy student (Kyle)

Sam the Evanglesit.jpg


"Before you started telling me about Jesus I was depressed ." Isasc (the evangelist) now goes out almost every week to do gospel conversations with fellow State students.

SO MANY INTERNATIONAL students wanted to start reading the bible!!!

IMG_20170507_132427371 (1).jpg






3. how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? -Rom. 10:14


2. unless Christians send us, likely half of all NCSU students will not hear the gospel. -Rom. 10:15


1. will you Make this YEAR'S gospel moonshot--sitting down with 2000 students to tell them THEM THE GOSPEL--possible?


launch 2000 gospel conversations this fall by partnering Monthly here: